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Einstein said ...

“Everything must be made as simple as possible. But not simpler.”

Einstein riding a bicycle


We are sure Einstein never rode an eBike, but we love his saying…!

In developing CyberDrive our thinking was the same…


CyberDrive … for urban mobility


What problem is CyberDrive designed to solve?

No Gears

Users want:

Easy or no gear changing – minimum breakdowns – purchase affordability

Manufacturers want:

Ease of manufacture, reliability to minimise warranty, and low cost

The majority of eBikes have derailleur or hub gears


Are easily damaged, prone to wear in eBikes, can’t be used with belt drives, and you can’t change gear when stopped

Hub gears:

Improve some of those issues but are expensive and heavier

CyberDrive’s advantages over alternative solutions?

CyberDrive’s   advantages over alternative solutions?

CyberDrive is:

A single motor rear-drive hub

It can democratise CVT for the lower price point, mass-volume, market.

CyberDrive Design

Alternative CVT systems are either:

Alternative Stepped mechanical systems are:

So…. What is CyberDrive?

CyberDrive is a patented Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT):


CyberDrive is a package of electro-mechanical components for licensing:

Benefits it provides perfect user and manufacturer benefits

Further variants can be developed from our existing patent portfolio for the mid-drive, two-motor and cargo bike segments

CyberDrive design 

CyberDrive design

 EBS’s CVT hub drive: 

CyberDrive Design


EBS’ P16 motor controller board

EBS development display


Demonstrator units available to try

Demonstrator Unit 1
Demonstrator Unit 2
Demonstrator Unit 3


eBike Systems Ltd’s technologies are widely patented in order to provide a strong platform for licensing.

Our business model is to develop our technologies to near production readiness.

We engage with Tier1 suppliers with the interest and capability to license and commercialise them.

We have a flexible approach depending on the industry, the market size, and stage of development of the market. We are open to discussion ranging from global exclusive licenses to geographical or sectoral licenses.

CyberDrive summary 

CyberDrive   summary 

Who are we?

Management Team 

Our Management Team are highly experienced in the automotive sector, with significant experience in China.

Rod Keech – CEO / Chairman.

Ford Motor Company and Fiat Group – VP and General Manager Business Development, JV’s and affiliates in global markets. Cambridge University UK, INSEAD France.

David Taitt – Engineering Director

Engineering Director for Lotus Engineering Ltd. Managed major portion of Engineering for London Taxi Company, the electric taxi project of Geely. Imperial College, London University

Don Forrest – Finance Director

Ford, BTG and private equity. Glasgow University

Derek Bernard – Licensing Director

Lotus cars, and private licensing businesses. Chartered Engineer.

Contact – 联系方式

Rod Keech – CEO – Ebike Systems Ltd

+44 78 02 15 17 86 or +33 78 33 88 66 8

Email rod.keech@ebike-systems.com

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